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First Article Post: Is This The End?

Welcome to my first post. I’m going to make this really short so you can start reading my interesting, funny articles (unless I say the word drastic, then you can gasp a little).

Just want to point out and get out my system what makes me write these absurd articles. There’s just so many people that doesn’t know about the hidden challenges in relationships, communications  and plain going out to meet someone from the opposite sex, and I’m here to help with that so they’ll be less divorces, less problems and less Facebook statuses about how the other person sucks (yeah, I got some work to do). I’m going to post a whole lot about the topics of relationship and communication, among other topics, and it’s going to be deep, out of this world and never before seen (and don’t just take my word for it).

I do my best to make them short. I don’t do my best to be funny (wait for it…). The fact of the matter is, I know you have a busy life. You work, go to school,  you breathe, you eat, go on Facebook and deal with that significant other who sometimes doesn’t let you do half of those things (hope you’re still breathing).

All I ask is to sit back, click on an article that catches your quick eyes (we developed it through skimming the News Feeds on Facebook so quickly) and enjoy the show. After reading one, you are more than welcome to read another or come back another day. This page is like a home; you may come and go whenever you like and have a cup of coffee.

If you bring some, I’d like a small coffee with two sugar and skim milk. Thanks!

If you’re looking for a reliable writer, email me at


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