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Why Meeting Multiple Women Is Natural; It’ll Save a LOT of Time

Today’s post will aim at all the great and intelligent men out there who are responsible for keeping the logic in the world. Good job for us. For the women reading this, rest assure that we love you and that I will definitely make a post just for you with the help of my expertise with relationships and communications. Maybe.

Today we’re both going to talk about what should be natural and what makes us uncomfortable, no thanks to  “limiting beliefs”. The person may not even have a problem with this, but it is something different that isn’t talked about often And we’ll talk about meeting multiple women. That’s right — We’re going to talk about being players (or are we?).

Before we get into this exciting topic, I’d like to explain what a lot of people mean by “following the crowd”, as this is something not a lot of guys do.

It’s Comfortable Following the Crowd

This may sound counter-intuitive for a few reasons, especially one of the reasons being that “it doesn’t feel right”. Let me tell you something: Everything doesn’t feel right when they first do something (prostate test, anyone?). It takes a lot of strength and courage to attempt something big and exciting for the first time. The good news is that if you’re usually a person who does a lot of new things, you’ll eventually do something new right now with no hesitations. However, it’s easy to think what’s done by the majority of people are the right things to do. If “everyone” eats burgers and fries, then it’s easy to think that’s absolutely okay to do it yourself. But this is the counter-intuitive part: Just because the crowd does it, doesn’t mean it’s the best way.

Don’t Hate the Player and Don’t Hate the Game

Meeting multiple women is okay; it’s perfectly fine. In fact, it’s highly recommended. And I’ll be more than happy to explain why.

First off, I would want to be one of the few men ever to reveal that women talks to multiple guys at the same time. Even date them. Almost most women, who are ready to go out there and find that one great man they want in their life, talks to different guys to see who they’d want to have a relationship with. They know it’s going to be repetitive. They may even know it’s going to be hard. That’s because they went through so many trials and errors to find out what they’re looking for, and whatever it is, isn’t easy to find. Unfortunately, some of them don’t even know what it is (the young women are the victims).

Well, guess what? If they can do it, why can’t we? We should do it more so than women, in fact.

Society is Really Judgemental

Society makes it seem like women are the choosers and men are the chasers. Nothing new, right? Well, forget that women talking to multiple men makes them “sluts”. Forget that men talking to multiple women are “players”. As you already know, society is a judgmental beast that forces us to act in a way that is “polite”. I have no problem with that except it makes men not as masculine as they should be. That’s a topic for another day.

Men should talk to multiple women. We want to find that attractive, great, kind woman that will support us in everything we do as a man and be that “cheerleader” to cheer you on in your endeavor.  Men should find different women, see how each of them are, stop talking to the ones that did something you don’t like (if it’s a problem that won’t be fixed anytime soon), and keep the few winners in your contact list. It will be repetitive. It may even be hard. But that’s why you got supporters in your life.

Again, it may feel uncomfortable, new, maybe even counter-intuitive, but remember that you shouldn’t be in the crowd. You should be in the front, leading them. It’s up to you to find out if it logically makes sense and feels natural. You got that power; use it wisely.

Also, you wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with the wrong person, whereas you could look for so much better by searching and dating different women. Without being a player (although society made that title into a bad one, it’s really not a bad thing. Yet another topic you should look forward to).

Question: Were there any times you were speaking to more than one person? Were you feeling guilty, even though you weren’t in a relationship?

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