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Why Success with Finding the Right Person Gets Eluded: Is It Because of Me?

You want the truth or do you want something that sounds good?

Here’s what sounds really good:

  • You’re the kindest person in the world.
  • You’re the wisest.
  • You never have any arguments with anybody.
  • Other things you believe you won’t need to ever work on.

Ok, that’s enough. Let’s be real: If you were all of these things (and trust me, I do believe and want you to be all that and more), then you’d be wealthy, having the lifestyle you want and having the perfect person in your life, not to mention almost everyone who seeks that warm feeling of love would follow you, the perfect leader.

I got good news: You don’t have to be perfect. Oh, you knew that? Of course you did, because society slammed you with the idea that if you’re poor, you can never make more than a 5% income in your life so you believe you are “perfect” (aka content with who you are).

Let me not confuse you. Yes, you believe nothing can make you a better person. You are who you are and nothing will change. Therefore (and this is a stretch) you believe you’re a hotshot that deserves everything, right?

And yes, you may also believe that, despite the above, you can’t seem to make more money; perhaps even be behind on bills and rent.

[In case you are aware of the true answer, bear with me for a second and keep doing what I will mention at the end of this.]

So what’s the truth? And why does this have to do with finding the right person?

Simply put, in order to find the right person who you are looking to have intelligence, wisdom, as well as understanding, sensitivity, maturity, YOU have to be the person you’re expecting of from the person you want.

It’s that simple. But isn’t easy.

You see, most people won’t read personal development books and listen/watch inspirational and instructional audio or videos (YouTube is free, by the way) because of various reasons, like:

  • Thinking you’re perfect already (like I mentioned). Why would they need something they “think” they are an expert at?
  • Don’t have time (yeah, right).
  • What’s the point? They won’t ever need to be a better person because of [insert pessimistic thought about weight, looks, money].

Ok ok, I’m sounding harsh. But there’s hope and here it is: You can be a very kind, wise person that has a great outlook in life and a bright, financially free future. You don’t have to be perfect because you honestly don’t need to. But please aim to achieve perfection.

I hinted it already, but to be that great of a person, read personal development books. Those are those books that your negative friends would tell you, “I don’t read those self-help books. I don’t need help. I’m good just the way I am!” Yeah, ok.

The two books I recommend starting out is How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie and The Magic Of Thinking Big by Dr. David J. Schwartz, Ph.D. Yes, reading makes a difference and will help you. You may think at first that a book don’t have that much power, but you’d be surprised.

But you may not even listen to me and continue on being your same “perfect” self and expecting things to come your way. I mean, “why should I develop myself and what would be the rewards”, right?

I’ll tell you. The reason why you should aim to be a better person is because:

Success, having anything you want, will only come knocking on your door when you’ve shown him (or her. Who knows?) that your heart is ready and you’re willing to get on the right vehicle. When you are able to stop thinking from your head and feel from your heart and serve people unconditionally, that’s when you’ll reap the rewards. It starts with one person and will end with countless. That is success.

Oh…before I forget: Yes, if you do constantly work on yourself, you’ll find the love of your life who will exceed your expectations before you even know it. (And yes, you can increase any part of your life (financial, physical, spiritual, relationship) the same way.

Question: Does reading anything (that isn’t the news) make you feel more enlightened? Let me know below (no account needed).

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  1. We can’t be perfect but we can be excellent. If the right one comes, let him/her love you the way he/wanted to and not in the way you want.

  2. Hm… no, reading the news is am absolute waste of time, why think news when you can think about yourself and what you can impact (others, yourself).


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