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When a Woman Leaves You; Is It You or Her?

So you talked to this girl and you guys liked each other. Things went well, but then she doesn’t call or text you anymore. When you do call and she happens to pick up, all of a sudden it seems like you’re taking up her time. How did this happen? A while ago, she was calling YOU.

So what gives? Well, she most likely ain’t into you no more.

From my experience, most girls will only be committed to you for a set amount of time (notice the most). Commitment, for both men and women, it’s something that can’t easily be done due to various reasons. You’d have to be the one for them in order for them to want to stay with you. But chances are, something out of our control makes it so that she isn’t interested in you anymore.

So could it be you? Are you the reason she stopped talking to you and is probably talking to another guy?

Maybe. It is a fact that when you don’t fulfill the big needs of a woman, she would most likely look elsewhere for them. Other things include not being passionate and motivated about your future (I talk about that here).

Chances are: She just doesn’t feel it anymore. She probably doesn’t believe that she deserves you; that she deserves a great relationship. Maybe she did meet someone else, despite how great you are. Maybe her future just isn’t compatible with yours.

If you’re into meeting women online and you have yet to meet one of them, despite talking for months, maybe she’s just tired of waiting.

Whatever the reason, it’s time to move on. I know, I’m not the kind of guy to give up, also. But let’s think about it for a second.

If she knew how much of a catch you are, she wouldn’t be leaving you. If that is the case, then (as stated earlier) she doesn’t feel she deserves you; she isn’t intelligent, confident (or sexual) enough to want to be with you. She doesn’t know how valuable you are.

Of course this is assuming you’re not a douchebag. You actually are a catch, who is sharp, an authority figure and is enthusiastic. Why would they stop talking to you, if you know you can provide a lot of value to her.

This is why, in order to find the right one, you need to always talk to women (I actually discuss this here). Because at the end of the day, YOU should choose if you want to leave the relationship or not.

Question: Are you the heart-breaker in most of your relationships? Comment below (no account needed).

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  1. Cookie

    Sometimes, you fall out of love because you fall our of love. It’s not you or her. The heat of the fire runs out. It just ran out.

  2. Cookie


    • Yeah, I agree; the fire isn’t just there anymore and nothing more can be done. Perhaps it can come back, but it’s better just to move on.

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