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Like a Person from Another Country? Got the Cash for It?

As more and more people connect all over the world, chances are pretty good that you’ve spoken to an attractive person with some relatable and interesting profile. Although very few people probably do this, you may have even started a romantic relationship online (even if the person lives over 2,000 miles away!).

Nothing wrong with that. But when is it OK when you guys have yet to meet?

Well, it’s never OK. There are many high quality, attractive people and to talk to them but never having one feel of their skin should be a crime. If you’re going to have a real meaningful relationship with someone who possibly lives in another country, you better be well prepared for what you need to do to get to the end goal, which is to ALWAYS be with the person.

Here are four preparations you need to go from “dating online” to “actually, physically sleeping with the person”:

You Need Your Own Place

This may not be a problem for you, but in this day and age, where just living with a couple of people is efficient (yet frustrating) because of cost of living, it’s more common than you think. To the point where it’s almost impossible to bring anybody over.

Although you may not be able to do so now, think about getting your own place, where you have a lot more freedom on who you can bring over, if you’re serious about getting into any kind of relationship. Although this sounds really basic and doesn’t sound like it applies to online dating, the point I’m making is when your guest does come over from where he or she is coming from, they can stay at your place instead of dealing with hotels. Saves a whole lot of time and money, which you could save when you both go somewhere different.

Also, I’m a big believer in the post-dating phone and Skype conversations, where you take this time to know one another much much better than you would simply messaging. I really hate when I’m not able to do this because other people are in the same room and not be able to do anything intimate (yes, like phone sex).

You Need to Be Financially Stable

Like the last one, this one can’t be done immediately but (obviously) is well worth it in the long run. You would think, “Of course I know that!”, but you’d be very surprise.

I wish love could be “free”, and people do pull of having great relationships with hardly any money, but that’s in the minority. In another minority, you don’t have to be rich, neither, to have a happy relationship.

But you need money, and this goes double if you really like this person and she lives far. Traveling, unfortunately, is expensive. But you need to do it if this person is worth the trip. The plus side is that you get to see a whole new world, which is always good for you.

But aside from traveling to see each other (multiple times, I might add), if you guys ARE meant for each other and want to take the next step, just remember that it’s going to cost money for her to come over to your country (as far as I know, the guys bring the girl to him. Bring on the Feminists!).

This one should be a no-brainer, but with times as tough as this, spending extra because someone lives in another country as oppose to someone who lives local can add up.

You Need to Embrace That the Person May Not Be the One

After plane tickets, hotels, food and other things have been spent when meeting up with the person, it all ends because you guys just aren’t meant for each other. This is definitely a hard reality to face and put a whole other meaning to the phrase, “Great reward comes with great risks.”

Can the risk actually be reduced?

You Need to Meet Multiple People Online (and Off)

It all really comes down to what you want: someone from another country or someone close by. I can actually relate to wanting someone from another country: I love exotic women. Are there exotic women near where I live? You bet, but their “exoticness” wears off when they live here for a while (I live in the city).

Simply put, never put all your eggs in a basket (I talk more about this here), rather it’s dating locally or doing the long distance relationship, because you never know what’ll happen.

Will it be more expensive? Heck yes (unless you talk to other women in the same place and is honest about it with them).

So here’s my question to you: Is being romantically involved with a woman from another country being too bold? Let me know below! (No account needed)

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  1. Ram

    Yes. That’s based on my oppinion. Because it gives more pleasure and for that i will love her for the rest of my life..

  2. Yduz

    Nice one! I couldn’t agree with you more. You really
    can never put your eggs in one basket. And Yes, because being romantically involved is like you invest your emotion for her and by that means you are sincere with your feelings.

  3. Anonymous

    thats really a new (bold) thing for me …..but the main thing is ..i do believe in relationship…

    • Me too. Better to have a long term one than a small fling.

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