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Moving in to Your Lover’s Foreign Country; Should You?

I read horror stories after horror stories of couple from different countries never meeting but have desires to move in with each other.

Jesus Christ!

Whoa. Like, meet the freaking person first and see if he or she is even a fit. Excuse me, I need to go pray.

Oops, lost some readers. Too controversial. Anyways, if you’re planning on marrying the person the moment you meet him or her for the first time, then this read is definitely for you.

If you’re the one doing the moving to go live with the person, you better be prepared to love the country, too. There’s definitely a chance (like with the person) that it may not work out, especially if it’s a third world country (no offense).

No Income? Don’t Even Try It

You better have good income coming in to your U.S bank account through an online business or you shouldn’t even bother. Most people really underestimate how cheap living in a third world country is. Yes, it can be cheap, but if you hardly have any money, then you’d be no different than the natives (again, no offense!). They’ll wonder why you’re dumb enough to move away from a glamorous country (if you’re from the United States, England, Canada, etc).

Don’t expect work there. Just don’t. If you happen to find work there, then it’d be with incredibly low pay and slave work, and I really can’t picture you with that kind of work. You have so much to offer in terms of value, so don’t waste it on slavery (this includes your own country).

The Mosquitoes Are Usually the Big Threats, Not the Elephants (Quite Literally, Depending Where You’re Going!)

It may seem nice to move in to an exotic country (for example) based on visiting it one or two times, but living in the country for more than a month you will start to feel the subtlety. Hard.

You’ll start to notice that not everyone is always happy and supportive. You’ll also notice that the food may not always be great. Or that traveling from one place to another can be tiring and the transportation system isn’t exactly the greatest.

The novelty will just wear off. In other words, just like owning a brand new car, you’ll simply get used to it. You’ll realize how great your own country really is. The only way you’re really like it is if living in a third world country is meant for you.

Before I give a strategy on how you can find out if living in the country with your potential lover is right for you, remember not to put all your eggs in one basket. I’ll discuss that in great lengths here.

You have to make sure he or she is someone you can live with for the rest of your life, lest you horribly regret it. Make sure you guys are a forgiving couple who are willing to work things out over small bullsh*t. I had this problem when I lived with my half-brother: his mom and I got into one conflict, and she never had the balls to work it out (I didn’t know it was serious enough for her to start hating me, at the time). Small monsters grow big, overtime, and people ignore baby monsters, as they’re no threat. But when things became huge, I was the one to pay the price and become homeless, where I was the one to blame.

Something similar can also happen to you, so when you want to move in with [any] person, watch for any communication red flags and if he or she is willing to kill the small monsters with you. You’ll be surprised how very few people would know how.

Save Your Pesitos; You’ll Want to Visit a Lot

I strongly advise vacationing to the country you want to move to for a week. Have a taste of the person (if you catch my drift) and the country and see how you like it. If you do like staying in the country for a week (and you’ll know), proceed to the next step.

Stay for a whole month. By a month (or not), you’ll definitely know if you’d want to move there. By then, you’d experience the subtleties that wasn’t felt when you were just there vacationing; the novelty of the beauty would much or less have worn off. But if after a month, you’d want to come back, then that’s a good sign.

Lastly, come back and stay for three months. This is more of a, “can I live with the person?” than it is if you can live in this country without complaining. While staying for a week and staying for a month, you’re madly in love with the person and probably haven’t seen the negative subtleties yet. But in three months, you will, and this is something you need to make sure of before taking the big step in moving into the country.

If you still feel happy with her and/or the country, then good. But I just need to say that your own country, after telling you all of what I said, is mostly likely better to live with with your lover. Chances are high that if you’re looking for that third world charm, your own country you were raised in actually has somewhat of it, as almost every first world country has a country side (beautiful, I might add).

You should really consider looking into your own country and (mostly for the men) bring the woman from her country to you and save a lot of money. We take for granted things we think are better elsewhere (the government, type of people, prices of things) but in fact, you most likely got it good. All it takes is appreciation and the fact that your lover would love to live where YOU are because it’s a luxury for them (even after the novelty has run out).

Question for you: Are you in a long distance relationship? Let me know below! (No account needed).

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  1. Anonymous

    i really appreciate you ….u r doing a great job by giving us such articles .. people must be careful ,they must be planned totally before taking such a big step ….

  2. Theza

    Applause! Applause! I just got a hint before I move to another country for the man that I love. 🙂

  3. Daniels

    I like this article!
    Probably one or two spelling errors, but everything else is on point. I personally don’t think it’s worth living with somebody who’s on the other side of the world. It comes with alot of sacrifice and the drawbacks that you mentioned above. Hopefully this will open up alot of people’s eyes.

    • Yeah, me too. Thanks for letting me know about the spelling errors!

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