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Money and Relationships; How the Two Really Mash Up!

When people think of money, they probably think of the long hours it takes to make it. Or that it’s never enough. Hard to get. Always getting spent.

There are the few who think quite the opposite; they think there are an abundance of them and that they get rewarded with lots of them every time they do what they love.

Whichever one you think about money, when we take it and mix it with love, what happens?

It’s something definitely worth thinking about when it comes to successful relationships, especially when lack of money (or lack of control of money) gets you stressed out.

Money affects basic, day-to-day living in the relationship

Everything seems like a business, doesn’t it? There are budgets to maintain and it’s very important to know that without any money, no food would be on the table.

I know I know. This is incredibly basic stuff. But the point I’m trying to make, especially in this day and age, is that money is hard to come by and being smart in how to keep and SAVE money is just not optional anymore. One wrong misstep and it could affect the relationship big time, especially when a study shows that more than 60% of Americans wouldn’t have money to deal with unexpected calamities.

Money affects time together with your lover

Some would argue that the point of even being with your lover is simply to be with him or her despite the fact that you work over 80 hours a week. In fact, even 40 hours is a long time. If that’s true, then what’s the point? You might as well marry your job (hold on, before you think I’m bashing the noble notion of coming home from a long day of work and kissing your girl).

I don’t know about you, but when I’m with my girl, I want to spend as much as time with her as possible, because that’s why I’m with her in the first place. I would try to go to as much vacations as possible with her. You must be thinking, “But you need a job to pay for rent and food. You can’t be leeching from her or the government!”

That’s exactly what I thought you would say (or I’m completely wrong). Before I get to that, let me just say one more thing.

Money affects the future of the relationship

So if money affects what we put on the table and how it would affect time with each other, then it would definitely deal with the future of the relationship.

Of course, the future is unpredictable, but what’s dangerous is the fact that people believe that “all will always be well” when it comes to the belief of job security and that their retirement will be well funded. Unfortunately, they’ll be in for a rude awakening.

Pensions don’t exist anymore for most Americans. There, I said it. You need to do your own 401K (or your country’s equivalent) and you cannot mess up, or you basically wasted your time.

I can go on and on, but there’s a book that is a must read on this very important topic to EVERYBODY living on this Earth. I’ll talk more about it towards the end.

But the whole point of this article is to think beyond working a regular job for 30 to 40 years. Most people think that’s the only option, but that is not the case; the schooling system made it seem that way (on purpose).

Let’s connect this to how you can financially have a happy relationship: Think of something you’re good at that you are willing to always improve on. Something that you consider art. And create it as something very valuable that will help or entertain a lot of people who are willing to even PAY for it.

Yes, own a business.

Here’s the awesome part: Own a business with your lover (or your lover can own a separate business).

The idea with a business in terms of how it’ll benefit the relationship is that businesses eventually ALWAYS give the person time freedom because, unlike a job, you do the work ONCE and it’ll forever be of value to people. I hope this article, which I’ll write once, will help many people for many years to come, for example.

The number one reason relationships are always successful is because the two people participate in a fun and exciting activity together (get your mind off the gutter. Sex isn’t the only thing, but it’s very effective). Nothing is more exciting than owning a business that grows, together, that will put food on the table, give you guys more time for each other and secure your future (plus get rid of any overloading debt you may have).

Of course, you can keep working a job, of course, as long as you legit like it. Many people can’t say that, but always think long term.

Tony Robbins, a great mentor and master at helping people get breakthroughs on all areas of life, wrote a book with all the knowledge of billionaires on how the average person (you and me) can have a secure future using the powers of smart investing. To learn more, check out his book: MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom. I am not making a single dime from this; this is how much I truly believe this will help every person that aspires to have a great life and not let his or her finances get in the way. Access to his audio book can be found on YouTube.

Question for you: Does the thought of money stress you out? Let me know below! (No account needed).

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  1. Yduz

    I’ve known a couple who became successful because of their business. Now, they’re happily married and still enjoying. They have time for each other everyday together with their business and its growing, of course their love as well. Isn’t it wow? It must be best.

    • Best thing I’ve heard. I would like to help people strive for that kind of exciting life.

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