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Taking Her out on Her First Date; Just Anywhere?

First expression is everything (cliche), as much as I don’t sometimes like it simply because I believe in infinite chances and the fact that if I mess up, I’m done. This is not always true when they see you try your best, is honest, and doing it for her; it’s the thought that counts. But if you’re a jerk, then first expression is extremely important; red flags will be taken seriously the moment you show you’re a douche (unless you apologize immediately).

That being said, planning the first date is very important. You would think this is very common knowledge, but I know for a fact that most guys take a girl out just anywhere, without taking any sort of precaution if anything goes wrong (and that wouldn’t be good for a first expression at all). Despite me saying that it’s the thought that counts, women also don’t want a man who didn’t plan ahead (trust me; I lost a lot of women’s confidence this way).

I mean, she said ‘yes’ when she could be doing a lot of different things (including going out with another guy). That says a lot, so making sure she has a great time is the difference between seeing her again or not (this will even affect you possibly getting into her pants that night!).

In order for her to consider you for the long term (out of the many choices she has), she has to know if you have any kind of leadership and if you have the potential to fill her needs. That’s why it’s important not to screw up.

So where do you take her?

This is why it’s important to plan where to go. Like I said, you wouldn’t just want to take her anywhere. Even going to the movies or to a bar presents risks without precautions. That’s why having as much support, as well as being honest, is the best way to go.

When planning a date, I actually mean calling up the place you’re going to (if applicable) and checking if it’s a green light to even go. What a disaster it would be to find out the place is overly crowded or it happens to be closed.

You can call to ask for a possible reservation or let the manager there know about any specific planning (may not be possible).

Even better, if it’s a place you never really went, check the place out beforehand. You may have just seen it online or said, “It’s from Groupon. It’d be fine”, but pictures can be deceiving and it may actually turn out to not be a place worth going.

Speaking of Groupon, let me share a story: I called this sushi place up I found on the app. Great deal of an abundance sushi, as well as beer, for two people.

Before I go on, just remember that you never need to spend a humongous amount of money for a date when all she cares about is a good time. The amount of money you spend never equals the amount of attraction for you.

I asked the manager if it’d be really crowded and that I would be there at 6 PM. After founding out it’s an OK to go, I arrived 30 minutes before the scheduled meetup to scout the place and meet with the manager, asking him to scan my reservation so my date won’t have to see it. I liked the place and the music was good, so things were going well.

She arrived and we went to the place, ate and enjoyed ourselves, and I “payed for the whole thing”. After that, I took her home and we went on several dates afterwards.

Although I didn’t do it, I could have been honest with her and get some “honesty points” by saying, “Guess what? I actually used Groupon to get a deal for the both of us plus beers, and as a result, I saved money and gave you a good time.”

Most people probably would laugh and think, “But you sounded like you had no money” (even though I payed for the whole thing) and things of that nature, but in fact, I actually did two things that would apply to you:

  1. She has more trust in you for being honest with her.

Honesty is rare to find in a man (not a surprise) so this is a huge plus.

  1. She’ll relate with you. So hard.

You know why most women shop at Marshalls over the brand name stores, even though the mass amount of variety makes finding something a little hard to find? (I used to work at one)

Because of the great deals. Women are masters at finding the most affordable clothing and saving money that can be used for other things (like buying more clothes. Go figure). When they find that you somewhat do the same thing, they’re going to appreciate your intelligence and foresight when it comes to finances and decisions.

Always remember that on the first date, they don’t just want to see if you’re compatible with her: They want to see how much of a leader you’ll be in the relationship.

Question: How casual are you when you’re planning your dates (or anything)? Let me know below! (No account needed).

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