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Your Eyes and Your Attraction: Using What You Got

You would probably think by the title, “F this. I know how to look into people’s eyes. You’re so basic and just want visitors and attention!”

But that’s not the case, because that same basic knowledge of eye contact has been disintegrating as more and more people are looking at their smart phones and forgetting how to properly interact with our fellow human beings.

Yes, things like eye contact should be naturally executed, but the fact is, we’re not using it to its full intent for the simple fact that the same “natural execution” disintegrate as we become socially impair through (ironically) today’s technology.

Although most people are actually good listeners and do naturally know how to look at the person when they talk, when it comes to being attracted to someone we like, you’re probably doing it wrong.

Yes, when it comes to meeting someone we’re physically attracted to, THAT’S when things can easily get awkward, especially for guys (girls tend to learn and read body language better than guys).

Us guys, we want to show the girl that we want something going on with each other. The fact is: We can! And without saying as much, too…

In movies, lovers do a great job displaying that eye contact is almost all that is needed to get the girl to want you [hard]. Using what we can learn from the best of movies and my knowledge, here’s my four ways to get the most of “talking with your eyes”:

  1. Look When It’s Appropriate

Again, basic but most people talking to an attractive person gets this wrong. When he or she is not talking anymore, stop looking. I will get to when is the right time to look, but either you ask a [good] question to get her talking or look at something else. Chances are, you’d be sharp enough to come up with interesting or exciting questions to get the conversation going, where you can then admire the attractive smiles of the person.

  1. When You’re Talking, You Should Look Elsewhere

Now it’s your turn to shine and to talk about something that would hook them into craving to want to listen to more (good luck). Do you look at the person while you talk? I would advise against that.

You build attraction better if you actually look away then you would by looking at the person as you talk. By doing this, you unconsciously telling the person that you “fine on your own” and that you don’t “need him or her”. The fact is, ALWAYS looking at the person is seen as needy (unless you do it the right way).

  1. Don’t Force a Smile

Counter-intuitive, but powerful. People always say to smile because it shows you’re “happy”, and although it’s true, you can’t fake it, no matter who you are. It has to always be genuine.

So when you look at the other person, it’s actually way better to express what you really feel as you make eye contact. You may think, “but the other person may think you’re negative” but (especially for women) they would appreciate your honest body language.

This, coupled with saying how you currently feel, is MUCH better than asking boring, mundane questions for the simple fact that it gets the other person to immediately know more about you and (as many successful comedians hook their listeners) get them to listen to your passionate “rant” (as long as you’re not actually angry).

  1. (For The Guys) Commence to Stare at Her Pretty Face After She Forms an Attraction to You

This can either go amazing or horribly wrong. By horribly wrong, I mean staring like an idiot and making her feel uncomfortable as she is currently doing something (especially if she’s not interested in you).

But when she’s liking you more and more, all of a sudden looking at her when no one is saying anything is…strangely appealing to her. She likes the attention. You could be looking or talking to anyone else, but you chose to look at her, and if you’re doing it right, she’s looking at you back, and with admiration.

It’s all about creating the initial attraction while portraying with your eyes that you’re a sharp, enthusiastic authority figure that actually listens to the other person. Instead of being that shy individual who’s afraid to look at the person, you’ll be that confident master of communications that people (especially the person you like) will just be attracted to.

Question: Are you too shy to look into people’s eyes? Comment Yes or No down below (no account needed).

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