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My past Story! On the Phone: Great. On Our Date: Terrible

So today, I’m going to tell you a true story that happened many years ago.

I was selling make-up kits on the streets (I didn’t do so well, by the way) with other people when I met this cute girl. I was in a suit when we met. I proceeded to get her number and called her when I got home.

While conversing in different topics as most prospect couples do, she mentioned liking guys in suits…

My thought process was definitely different than it is now, because back then, I didn’t heed that valuable information like I should have. I was probably thinking instead, “I know she like guys in suits, but I bet she’d like me better in my regular clothe hur dur”.

So we went out on our little date which was really just walking around Times Square, for some reason, during the day. That was awful planning and contributed in a large way the outcome I’m going to get to in a moment (if only I can go back in time and give my past self this to read).

It was horrid. She was completely distance from me with no connection and no attraction. I was confused and had all different kinds of thoughts as to why any of my “skillz” wasn’t working (I was trained in the arts of PUA. Go figure). I even texted my best friend and he didn’t know what to do, neither.

Although she never told me (as we never spoke ever again), I’m pretty sure that not only did I not plan effectively for the date and I wasn’t wearing a suit when she clearly told me she gets turned on by guys who wear them (and this was before 50 Shades of Grey!), but I also did many things wrong I had no idea about. As a very good saying goes: “What you don’t know will kill you”. Knowledge is definitely power and learning to be sharp, enthusiastic and an authority figure is key.

In the world of selling, when you find out the ONE motivation for a person to buy and only focus on that one motivation, that’s call “pushing the Hot Button”. That being said, some women will only want guys with a specific preference and will not bother to even look at you if you don’t have it. And I actually qualified with…ehm…I forgot her name.

Question: Was there a time when you went out with a person, but he or she acted completely different than when you guys talked over the phone or Skype? Tell me about it in the comments (no account needed).

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  1. Qrisa, this sounds like a parody.

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