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Women and What They Mean; It’s a Trap!

I heard of this thing about women saying completely different things from what they mean. Although this may in fact be common knowledge and we can easily just put it off as, “wmen r hrd 2 undrstnd hur dur”, let’s take a quick internet minute to unravel this so called “complexity” of them.

I heard this story from a Tony Robbin’s talk on YouTube, and he was saying that if a guy was driving with his girl and she needs to go to the bathroom, guess what she’d say. Would she simply say, “I want to go to the restroom”? Apparently not.

Instead, she’ll expect the guy to be the greatest detective in the world and ask her, “Do you want to stop to use the restroom, sweetheart?

Our first instinct (if we indeed don’t need to go) would be to say to her, “No, I don’t need to go” because… well… we don’t need to go! If we did want to use the restroom, we’d stop and we’d use it, giving her the chance to also go.

She’d probably be frustrated that you ended up not asking her, because what we’re supposed to do is ask her.

Yes, ask her if she needs to go after she asked you. It was made a bit more complex than it really should, because she could have just said, “Hey, I need to go to the restroom. Can we stop at the next rest stop?” But of course, that’d be too easy for her Superman.

And so was the scenario from Tony that basically enlightened me like he always does. I’m willing to bet some of my female readers will either agree or tell me that they tell it how it is. In either case, it’s quite alright with me, because the more I understand my woman, the more impressed she’d be.

Oh women...

To end this, I just want to say that women are absolutely not impossible to understand. That is a cop-out many men employ to cover for their lack of initiative to go out and find out that women are basically like us:

  • They feel excited about things like us. If you like Chipotle, so does the girl.
  • They feel sad sometimes. Just like you and me.
  • They can bleed like us.
  • And they want to be happy and live a life of purpose. Just like us guys.

So despite their superior beauty with different body parts, and the fact that they do look at things just a little differently from us, we’re all from the same species. So go eat some Chipotle with one (or whatever is your countries equivalent and pass me some because hunger).

My question for you: Did this same situation ever happened to you (both genders) and had no idea what happened? Let me know below (no account needed).

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  1. Hey. I love your work. Your words really do get to me.
    I’m new to blogging and It’ll be great if you could view my blog too. Thanks 🙂

  2. Experience is the best teacher, we all like to be taken by the hand and shown, but until you go down the road you will never know who she is till you start to experience it on your own
    An open mind is always good and Mr Robbins can help but unless there is a willingness you’ll never find the love
    Thank you for your like
    As always Sheldon

  3. Pfft. There are better tópicos in life to focus on.
    Gender shouldn’t even be crossing our minds, I mean it wasn’t that important when we were children, right? Why should it be now. Love is a lie!

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