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Sex on the First Date: Don’t Do It

Carnival at night

Lol wut? Some of you might be saying right now, “Whoa, this is a sensitive topic for me…” Oh, never mind. This is the internet. You probably see sexual references on Facebook alone. But most of the guys (and maybe girls) would probably say, “The sooner I have sex with the person, the better!” Hold …

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My past Story! On the Phone: Great. On Our Date: Terrible

Clouds and ropes

So today, I’m going to tell you a true story that happened many years ago. I was selling make-up kits on the streets (I didn’t do so well, by the way) with other people when I met this cute girl. I was in a suit when we met. I proceeded to get her number and …

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Your Eyes and Your Attraction: Using What You Got

Girl staring at you

You would probably think by the title, “F this. I know how to look into people’s eyes. You’re so basic and just want visitors and attention!” But that’s not the case, because that same basic knowledge of eye contact has been disintegrating as more and more people are looking at their smart phones and forgetting …

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Like a Person from Another Country? Got the Cash for It?


As more and more people connect all over the world, chances are pretty good that you’ve spoken to an attractive person with some relatable and interesting profile. Although very few people probably do this, you may have even started a romantic relationship online (even if the person lives over 2,000 miles away!). Nothing wrong with …

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When a Woman Leaves You; Is It You or Her?

Girl's back

So you talked to this girl and you guys liked each other. Things went well, but then she doesn’t call or text you anymore. When you do call and she happens to pick up, all of a sudden it seems like you’re taking up her time. How did this happen? A while ago, she was calling …

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Being in a Fake Relationship: Don’t Kid Yourself

Golden Gate Bridge

I have a good friend (nice guy, very talkative) and he’s been heart-broken before because of a four year relationship he got out of. His ex-girlfriend cheated on him. As I already knew as the act of “rebounding”, he immediately ask a girl out to be his. Then, like eating Italian one night and eating Chinese …

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Why Success with Finding the Right Person Gets Eluded: Is It Because of Me?

That's asking for a hangover.

You want the truth or do you want something that sounds good? Here’s what sounds really good: You’re the kindest person in the world. You’re the wisest. You never have any arguments with anybody. Other things you believe you won’t need to ever work on. Ok, that’s enough. Let’s be real: If you were all of these things (and trust …

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Why Meeting Multiple Women Is Natural; It’ll Save a LOT of Time

Woman and Cat.

Today’s post will aim at all the great and intelligent men out there who are responsible for keeping the logic in the world. Good job for us. For the women reading this, rest assure that we love you and that I will definitely make a post just for you with the help of my expertise …

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Staying on a Sinking Relationship: No Good

Small Ship

We all know of someone (maybe someone we were interested in) who had a relationship for over four years. Now, imagine staying in a relationship for such a long time and then just breaking up. All those years of doing almost everything together went down the drain. Such a drastic thing (you can gasp), especially if it’s …

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